I’ve waited 20 years for this. I have the fantastic Verbum Catholic and Bible Software. They are doing it right! It is thoroughly Catholic — to my great joy. It continues to grow in resources and power. It is on my computer 24 hours a day!

But now the icing is on the cake! They have recently released Verbum 6 with Bible atlases, Catholic Scripture commentaries, Church documents, timelines, Factbooks, lectionary and much more.

But what I am thrilled with is the searchable Catechism. No longer a big cumbersome book on my lap or desk. It is fully searchable, linked to all the references AND is on my laptop, desktop, iPad and iPhone — all linked, synced and fast and very cool!

https://verbum.com/steveray-web  –   Promo Code STEVERAY10 for a 10% discount!

The Catechism is a spectacular hub for studying the Catholic Faith. The Catechism contains roughly 4,800 references to the Bible and other writings. The Logos edition links 95% of these to their sources, and these sources are themselves linked to other texts. The Catechism becomes a gateway into the Faith.

Hover the cursor over a footnote, Bible reference, quote from a Father or Council of the Church and a pop up window temporarily appears with the full quote.

It is linked to the councils, to Scripture, to the whole 38-volume set of the Church Fathers — and that is just scratching the surface.

Check out this short video to see what power and speed and information is at your fingertips — even on a plane, in a car, under a tree, or in a class. You’ve gotta get this program if you love the Bible and the Catholic Faith.

See it below but BUY IT HERE FOR A 10% DISCOUNT  Enter Promo Code STEVERAY8 for the 10% discount.

See other demo videos on their website. This will make a great gift for spouse, seminarian, friend, priest, studentor Yourself!

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Click this for a short 2-minute video to show the POWER of Logos!

From a friend: “Hello there Steve This is Bill from Saginaw. How are you, I thoroughly enjoyed your book Crossing The Tiber which I have given to several of my Baptists friend who are now talking civilly with me about my faith.

“With your book and the referral to Verbum I have learned an awful lot. Every time I log into Verbum I say a prayer you and your family. I do this out of gratitude for you introducing me to this wonderful Catholic resource. Thank you again Steve this really has made a difference in my journey.”

By the way, all my books and Bible studies are now on Verbum! Visit www.Verbum.com/SteveRay. Use the Promo Code SteveRay10 for the 10% discount.

My one hour conference and demonstration on using Verbum:


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  1. Francis Kang

    I have Logos 4 with Catholic Bible Study. Is there an upgrade path to Verbum?

  2. Tom

    Man, I would love to have this…thanks for all you do!

  3. Kevin

    I am Going to save my Shekels, Drachmas , Pesos, Renminbi, Won and Pennies to get this robust system.
    It will be so fantastic my head will explode with Information. Studying the Early Church Fathers puts Charle Spurgeon back in his place! Thanks for the headsup..Steve..

  4. James Battle

    First off, Francis – Yes there is an upgrade discount available. Just call the toll free number or email sales@verbum.com and someone from our team will help you.

    I got Verbum Capstone when I started working for Verbum. It was truly way too much for me at the time. However, after a year of study, I learned far more than I even expected, and was invited to speak to priests and deacons at an international conference on homiletics – something I never would have been capable of, short of obtaining a degree in theology.

    As Baptized Catholics, we each have the “right and responsibility” to be evangelists. In order to be effective, we first must know our faith. I continue working for Verbum because I am convinced there is no easier way to discover and convey the truth of Christ’s Church.

    If you’ve ever wanted to learn the faith intimately as a layperson, and a theology degree is impractical, Verbum is the best tool available. If you’re getting a degree in theology, you either have it, or wish you did!

    Please remember our priests and seminarians this Christmas. Gift purchases are available.

  5. Jennifer Walker

    What about Android tablets or devices like the Kindle Fire? I mostly use my Fire.


    Yes, Kindle, iPads, Android, internet, etc. You can see the devices here: https://verbum.com/devices/iphone

    If you use the PromoCode STEVERAY they will give you a 15% discount if you decide to buy one of their packages. God bless!

    Steve Ray
    Follow Steve @Twitter.com/JerusalemJones

  6. Tom Govern

    Wish I had the talent to use this! Steve, thanks for you exceptional talents. You truly have been bless by God and inspired by the Holy Spirit. Thanks for all you do and let’s not forget your biggest asset, Janet.

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