YES, says Obama’s Science Czar!
At the same time Cardinal Mahoney of Los Angeles, said, “the issue of abortion funding in the health care bill is “way beyond my field.”
Geez, the sooner they’re both gone — the better! Can’t be gone too soon for me!

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  1. David T

    It’s no wonder we often forget that bishops and archbishops are the successors to the apostles…they seem to forget it themselves, sometimes. Last week I was graced to be in the presence of Archbishop of Pampanga Anacieto. As we sat around the coffee table, to chat, I was about to sit next to my wife, and the archbishop invited me to sit next to him. To make a long story short, I was struck in my own heart that here was a successor to one of the apostles!…WOW!

  2. Barbara

    “Way beyond my field”….Is that like “beyond my pay grade”?
    Wonder what will be beyond them on judgement day.

  3. nilofc

    Abortion is a moral issue as well as an issue that plagues this country. If Cardinal Mahoney does not want to deal with it…then he should just step down and shut up. Cardinal Mahoney is one of the most liberal Cardinals I have seen in a long while…. I pray that God would really enlighten this dude.

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