Two weeks ago Fr. Geoff Horton was the 2 millionth poster on my Defenders of the Catholic Faith Message Board! (Join for incredible discussion, answers, and fellowship! – click here.
Of all the people who have posted he has the third largest number of messages. He is a wonderful addition to the board and answers so many questions and helps keep the board on target.
For his post he won a full set of my 7 Footprints of God DVDs — the ones we’ve finished so far.
I was speaking at St. Mary’s in Utica Illinois and guess who showed up? Ah, you had too much of a hint. Yup, it was Fr. Geoff. It was great to meet him and personally give him the DVDs.
Fr. Geoff, thanks for being a priest, thanks for serving Our Lord, thanks for being a pillar at the Message Board and thanks for driving 1. 5 hours so we could meet.
God bless you and Happy Thanksgiving!