Great day both deeply spiritual, cultural and fun. We had Mass in a Cave with a great homily by Gr. John.

Descending into the grotto to touch the birthplace of Our Lord then to wear the cloak of a saint and to dance with local Christians. Enjoy!


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  1. Larry Costigan

    Great video! The dancing looked like a LOT of fun! It was great to see everyone out there on the dance floor. Reminded me of a fun family wedding. After seeing Fr Dowling get down and boogie, maybe that hooka pipe wasn’t all safe and sane?!?!  Lol… Good times

  2. Cheryl Poff

    Looks like everyone is having a great time and keep the dancing going!
    My daughter Elizabeth Poff, who is on the tour, said that she did not herar my
    shout out to her on Monday so I’ll try again…thank you for sharing the
    beautiful picture of the sunrise on the Sea of Galilee!

    May our Lord and Savior continue to bless the FDC team on this inspiring
    journey and thank you Steve for the daily videos!

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