“Are You Saved?” – Questions I Answered on Catholic Answers Live

Always a blast being the guest on Catholic Answers Live. This time the topic was “Are You Saved?” Some good questions and a fun show. Enjoy!

I got asked the first question by the host Cy Kellett. He asked me, “Are you saved, Steve?” I answered. Then I briefly explained my view as a Baptist and what has changed.

Here are the questions I answered…

  • 05:11 – In Matthew 7:21-23, Jesus talks about being saved and doing the will of his father in heaven. What does the will of the father mean in relation to entering the kingdom of heaven? 
  • 13:38 – When Jesus tells the disciples to eat the bread and drink the wine, he’s just talking directly to them. Where in the bible does it say those items are supposed to be distributed to the people? 
  • 17:24 – What does God mean when he says we need to pick up our cross? 
  • 23:45 – I have a friend who claims she went to hell and while there, she was tormented by demons. What does the Catholic church say about life after death experiences? 
  • 35:43 – Will my mom still be saved if she used to be Catholic but she’s now protestant? 
  • 46:03 – Is water baptism necessary for salvation? 
  • 51:15 – The bible says that when Jesus died on the cross, people were risen into heaven. Were any of the people that died before Jesus taken into heaven? 
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