Are You Born Again? Questions I Answered on Catholic Answers Live

Questions I Answered on Catholic Answers Live

Topic: “Are You Born Again?”

1.   What do you say if someone asks “Are you born again”?  What is the Catholic understanding of being Born Again?

2.   A former Catholic, now Evangelical asked: “I was born Catholic but I never had a relationship with Jesus. I’m an Evangelical now and I want to know what Catholic would say if I asked them if they were born again?”

3.   I was told we should not read the Bible. What do you say?

4.   Are there two different and distinct baptisms? Is there a baptism of water and a separate baptism in the Holy Spirit?

5.   My sister won’t have her children baptized saying that they are fine until getting baptized later. How should I respond to her about infant baptism?

6.   What is the difference between Catholics and Protestants on the view of “faith and works”?

7.   A pastor from a small country Protestant church stopped by my house and told me if I prayed with him I would go to heaven and there was nothing that could cause me to lose my salvation. How would you respond to him?

8.   Where do we find the idea of water baptism and being born again in the Old Testament?

9.   What is the evidence that you have been born again since the Bible says “By their fruits you shall know them”?


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