Archbishop Aquila's Excellent Homily at Mount of Transfiguration and Highlights of Adventures in Galilee

Today we visited the mountain of Transfiguration for Mass, then Cana of Galilee to renew wedding vows, lunch in Nazareth and then a tour of the city of Nazareth and the full experience at the Church of the Annunciation.

Archbishop Aquila’s homilies are excellent and we have the full video of his homily at the site of the Transfiguration.

We have a great group and we limit our Holy Land pilgrimages just to one bus for a more intimate and personal experience. Everyone is doing great and we have ten youngsters on this trip – very well-behaved and a joy for everyone.

Hope you enjoy these videos as you share our pilgrimage with us.



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  1. Stefanie Fasciocco

    Hello! I’m Beverly’s daughter-in-law Stefanie. Very cool seeing your journey to the Holy Land. Beverly was the first person to introduce me to Mediterranean food and oh boy does that food look amazing. Have an extra grape leaf (and glass of wine) for me! If one of the youngsters could help Beverly upload some photos to Facebook that would be so great… Don’t worry she’s a fast learner! 🙂 Blessed be your journey and Happy New Year to you all!

  2. Glen

    Renewal of weddings vows was so special. It’s interesting to note how St. Helen was instrumental in the conversion of Constantine and hence how these churches came into existence. God bless! Praying to make another trip.

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