An EWTN Tribute to Thomas Howard – a driving force for us becoming Catholic; I am interviewed in the Tribute

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In 1993 Janet was given a copy of Thomas Howard’s “Evangelical is not Enough“. Until that moment we had no thoughts of converting to Catholicism, in fact, that was the last thing on our minds. But then …

… Janet read the book and starting sharing quotes with me in the evening. She said it put into words everything she was thinking but did not know how to say. Thomas Howard’s book flipped the switch that started our conversion to the Church.

One of the Dedications in my book Upon This Rock: St. Peter and the Primacy of Rome in Scripture and the Early Church, reads,

To Thomas Howard, who courageously journeyed beyond the boundaries of his Fundamentalist Protestant roots to discover the glory of the Catholic Church and, in so doing, broke through a hidden barrier, opening the door for thousands of orphaned souls to glimpse the light. But even more than that, he wrote Evangelical Is Not Enough and, in so doing, made it possible for me, my family, and countless friends and fellow Evangelicals to find the Catholic Church, which, from our birth, had been darkly shrouded by grotesque caricatures and misinformation. His life and pages have enabled us to embark on a great love affair with the ancient Church, which we have found to be forever young. For this great treasure, we owe an eternal debt of gratitude.

I am looking forward to seeing the Tribute for the first time myself and hope you can join us.

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On the evening of September 13 at 8PM Eastern, EWTN will be running a special episode of The Journey Home that will focus on the life and legacy of Dr. Thomas Howard. Hosted by Marcus Grodi and Msgr. Jeffrey Steenson, it’s a reflection on Tom as a thinker, and as a person, and will have clips from various episodes over the years in which guests have mentioned Tom and his wife Lovelace’s impact on their journey to the Catholic faith. Guests include popular pilgrimage guide Steve Ray, Fr. Sebastian White, O.P., of Magnificat, and many more.
The episode can be streamed live at for free, and will post to YouTube overnight. It will also be posted in the Journey Home episode archives at
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