Our daughter-in-law Anna knew the baby in her womb was in danger when the doctor spotted a large blood clot in her ueterus. But I will let you read the whole story in my son Jesse's words. The pictures Jesse took of the baby are amazing. On his blog he writes:

We are so sad that Anna miscarried our baby boy at around 1:00 am Thursday. We baptised him Anthony Francis. He was so small, yet so perfect. So sad. Anna expressed her sorrow, which I share, that we will never get to know him–we'll never learn his temperment, see his beautiful eyes, or teach him how to read.

There was a great element of suffering that went on tonight. Not only Anna's physical pains, but our child who we saw alive and moving about on Tuesday, went through a great trauma. Anthony had his own little passion of the cross as he suffered as the blood clot contaminated his safe environment. His little body was so perfect, you could see his little bones and arteries through his glossy skin. You could even tell that he shared facial features with our other kids. (click here to see a picture if you so desire)

We know that he has gone straight to God. And we know that he can remain present to us because God created with Anthony a unique and everlasting soul. In some ways we are to envy his situation: our souls were all created to be with God, this child got to skip a grade and go straight to heaven.

(For a larger image of our son's family, click on the picture.)