4:00 AM Wake Up for Via Dolorosa, Mass at Calvary and Visit to the Tomb on Sunday Morning – and much more

4:00 AM wake-up?? Are you crazy?? Yes, crazy like a fox — and everyone thanked us later. What an amazing morning walking the Via Dolorosa arriving at Calvary for Mass and then an entrance into the Tomb on Sunday morning.
We came back the to the Notre Dame for breakfast and then off to the Western Wall (for Steve’s talk see below) and the Holy Shroud Exhibit. The afternoon was free but included a delectable lunch at Rossini’s in the Christian Quarter of Jerusalem.
Everyone had the afternoon free to explore, nap, pray and discover. We had a magnificent dinner on the rooftop of Jerusalem! Enjoy!

Steve’s talk at Western Wall


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  1. Robert & MaryLou Ochsenbauer

    Hello to all our cherubs…so great to see you on video! Thank you for your continued prayers for all our ailments and special intentions. We have enjoyed your daily communication. Please thank the narrator for his informative dialog!! Wishing you a safe trip home!! Love, Mom&Dad

  2. Karen Shaw

    Love watching your videos…it almost feels like I am there, which I guess is the next best thing.

  3. Tom Schauble

    Thanks to all of you who have provided companionship, shared meals and made sure my wife Patty was not alone on this wonderful journey!

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