Bishops Ignore Laws of Probability and the Reality of Islam – Great Article in Crisis Magazine

Excellent article by Crisis Magazine on the ignorance and blindness of our bishops on the pressing issue of Islam. Is it a religion of peace? Here is just a few paragraphs in article that should be read and shared by all Catholics, especially our priests and bishops.

The bishops’ unwillingness to pay attention to the laws of probability is getting increasingly difficult to ignore. Take the open-door policy toward migrants advocated by many if not most of the European hierarchy as well as by the Vatican. Long before the migrant crisis of 2015-16, it was obvious that Muslims were not successfully assimilating to European society.

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It was also plain that crime and violence were on the rise, as evidenced, for example, by the rape epidemics sweeping through England and Sweden, and by the 40,000 or so cars burned annually in France by Muslim youth. It was highly probable that a sudden influx of millions of migrants from Islamic cultures would result in an explosion of violence, and it did.

Moreover, there is evidence that much of the violence was not spontaneous but planned. It now appears that the sexual assaults targeting over 1,200 women in major German cities on New Year’s Eve, 2015 was pre-planned as a test of Germany’s ability to protect its women.

For the whole article, click here.


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