First, it is not good for you. But face it, while running through an airport McDonalds is not a bad option when time is tight and the stomach is growling.
But my main reason for refusing to eat at McDonalds is because of their pro-homosexual agenda. Here is an article that you may find interesting.

McDonalds Strikes Back at Family Boycott with Charges of “Hate”

By Peter J. Smith
OAK BROOK, Illinois, July 11, 2008 ( – Fast food giant McDonald’s is returning fire against a pro-family boycott, saying family advocates opposed to their affiliation with pro-homosexual organizations are guilty of “hate.”

The American Family Association has led the boycott of McDonald’s restaurants since July 3, after the global hamburger empire refused requests to remain neutral in the culture wars and to withdraw their public support from the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC), a homosexual lobby that pushes same-sex “marriage.”
Instead, McDonald’s spokesman Bill Whitman told the Washington Post that the boycott was motivated by “hate” and McDonald’s would continue to remain in the NGLCC.
“Hatred has no place in our culture,” McDonald’s USA spokesman Bill Whitman said. “That includes McDonald’s, and we stand by and support our people to live and work in a society free of discrimination and harassment.”
However, the AFA, which has over 2.2 million members, has pointed out that its boycott has nothing to do with McDonald’s homosexual employees, but everything to do with McDonald’s cash from its 31,000 restaurants worldwide flowing from families into anti-family endeavors. (
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