Who do you see in this picture?
After looking at it up close from your chair, get up and stand back about 15 feet. Now who do you see? 


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  1. Jim

    It seems like we could do this with almost any combination of people.

  2. Jim W

    Marilyn Monroe?

  3. bill912

    The view from 15 feet beats the heck out of the view up close!

  4. christine macartney

    first albert einstein then marilyn monroe…two completely opposite characters..one male..one female—–one old..one young—-one dark..one blonde…one genius..one human—-i presume one jew..one gentile—WHAT THEY MIGHT HAVE IN COMMON…BOTH GENTLE AND BOTH WELL-KNOWN….. AND P.S. BOTH WITH GOD NOW..PLEASE GOD..

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