These pictures say it better than words. I am now a father of 4 and a grandfather of seven, er, well, based on the last picture — a grandfather of eight! (Click on images for larger pictures.)
The first picture is of our whole family. From the top left: our daughters Charlotte and Emily; our daughter Cindy with her husband Ben Brown; our daughter-in-law Anna with our son Jesse.
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Seated: Gianna Brown, baby Sebastian Brown both held by my wife Janet. Next Damian Brown and Maria Faustina Ray held by me.
In front: Dominic Brown, Sammy Ray and Joshua Ray.
The second picture is our new addition, 90% sure the baby is a girl. Anna is the proud (and still morning-sick mom).

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  1. Kathy

    God bless all of you! I sure hope those cousins live close enough to enjoy those built in friendships. My kids haven’t been that lucky in the cousin department (we live far away) but I hope their children have the blessing of having family nearby.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Kelvin

    What a beautiful family you have!
    I hope, one day, to meet with you … perhaps on a pilgrimage. So far, I have read many of your articles and listened to several of your talks. Your enthusiasm is incredible.
    Ad Jesum per Mariam!
    Republic of Singapore

  3. Missy Caulk

    I love this photo, Steve. What a wonderful, good looking family, full of lots of babies.

  4. aep

    What a beautiful family! God bless you all.
    Sao Paulo, Brazil

  5. Pete

    Beautiful family, Steve. I am enjoying your authorship of the Acts section of CSSI series. Merry Christmas.
    p.s., Joshua looks like he might just have a little rascal in him.

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