Today was our first full day of this pilgrimage cruise and we went to Corinth. I have to admit this is one of my favorite places because I wrote a Bible study on First and Second Corinthian’s and I feel like I’m walking with St. Paul and sharing my friend with everyone else while were here. Below the full day video is my Intro to Corinth which I gave before Mass.

Below you will find the full video of our day in Corinth and my introduction to Corinth before Mass.

Here is the video of the excellent homily by Fr. Steve Mattson.

Here is my talk at the Erastus Stone last year which I also gave again this year – for those who want to know why I am a Catholic and why the Bible it historically true!

Steve’s Intro to Corinth

Full video of our day in Corinth


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  1. Tom Govern

    God bless all! Wish I was there. So much of our Faith comes from Paul. We need to go where he went.

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