Walgreens Gives $100,000 in Support of Gay Games

Let Walgreens know that their $100,000 donation to the 2006 Gay Games is an indication of their commitment to homosexuality and the activities it encompasses.

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Walgreens has given $100,000 to help sponsor the Gay Games in Chicago next year.

Oddly enough, Walgreens says they agreed to sponsor the Gay Games under the guise of helping prevent AIDS. But the official Gay Games web site has the following promotional statement, which promotes the very type of activity Walgreens says they are trying to prevent.

"The Gay Games Social Committee is currently in the process of gathering together Chicago's best bars and clubs, and some of the biggest and best party promoters in the country to create a Social Schedule unlike anything you've ever seen. Chicago's LGBT scene is fierce no matter what time of year it is, but during that one week in July 2006, we are committed to making sure you have the time of your life."

The gift, made to placate homosexual activists, puts Walgreens in the very top Premium Category of sponsorship. To make their sponsorship appear to be a good thing publicly, they say they are providing AIDS education. If any group should be aware of the dangers of AIDS and how to prevent it, it should be homosexual activists. Billions of tax dollars have been spent to educate the public about AIDS.

We have acquired photos taken at the last Gay Games that clearly show what kind of activity occurs during these games. To see the photos, click here. (WARNING: THESE PHOTOS ARE EXTREMELY OFFENSIVE and are provided only as proof of what we are saying.)

Send a letter to Walgreens, asking them to withdraw their sponsorship.

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Donald E. Wildmon, Founder and Chairman
American Family Association

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