Ignatius Press’s Joey Zarate took some amazing pictures of our latest pilgrimage to the Marian Shrines and more through Portugal, Spain and France. These photos are 100% professional and a delight to the eyes. We hope you enjoy them all. Thanks Joey!

We still have 15 seats open for the same trip in Oct-Nov.

Day 1: Arrival in Fatima
Day 2: Fatima, tours on the Basilica, Hamlets of the children, Valinhos
Day 3: Carmelite Convent, Coimbra, Bom Jesus de Monte
Day 4: Santiago de Compostela
Day 5: City of Leon and Burgos
Day 6: Loyola, St Ignatius of Loyola
Day 7: Lourdes, first day
Day 8: Lourdes, last day of the pilgrimage