First I will be on Archangel Radio in Alabama from 8:00-9:00 AM Eastern time. We will discuss “Homosexuality and the Bible” in the first segment and “Catholic Bible Study on Computer.”

You can listen on-line at HERE.
To see the articles I’ve written on homosexuality click HERE.
To see the incredible Logos Catholic Bible Study program click HERE – use the Promo Code STEVE for a 15% discount.

Second I will be joining Al Kresta on Ave Maria Radio from 5:20-6:00 PM Eastern to discuss “Homosexuality and the Bible.” You can listen on-line at


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  1. Bruce

    Whow!! I spent a whole weekend , Aug.9th. through Aug. 11, at the Star of the Sea Church for a Faith on Fire Retreat and heard any lectures and discussion Steave Ray and others, on my return to Rochester and retreating my MAIL you are their too in my latest Catholic Digest…., their must be a reason, I’ll be open fora message…, peace shalom, Paz.

  2. Bible Guy & www for searching/study/reading the Bible online in 175 languages/translations.

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