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In one hour Janet and I leave for the airport to fly to Israel where we will spend a week in Jerusalem — my favorite city in the world (with Rome a close second). I love Israel for many reasons but one is that it proves and confirms the existence of God. You don’t find Hittites, or Jebusites, or Amorites any more. But even without a homeland for almost 2,000 years, this wandering people has existed and not only existed but thrived. It is the promise of God fulfilled even 4,000 years later.

I found the article below very interesting — statistics about the Jews. So few in number yet so powerful in world affairs: media, business, finance, entertainment, etc. A persecuted race, decimated again and again for 20 centuries, yet they rise to the top no matter where you place them. God has gifted this people — the Jews — and to me it proves not only that he exists, but that he keeps his promises.

The Jerusalem Post, 09/14/04. On the eve of the Jewish new year, there are 13 million Jews living worldwide, including 5.2 million in Israel.

According to Jewish Agency figures, 5.6 million are living in North America, 1.2 million in Europe, 413,000 in the former Soviet Union, 401,000 in South America, 84,000 in Africa, 107,000 in Australia and New Zealand, and 19,000 in Asia.

Meanwhile, Israel’s 5.2 million Jews make up 81 percent of the country’s 6.8 million people, according to a Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) census published Tuesday.

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