We encountered the Israeli military with an arsenal of AR-15’s two days ago, but thankfully that’s not the kind of shooting I’m talking about. We’re shooting with HD cameras out in the hot, hot desert of the Middle East for the next release of a Footprints of God film, the 9th in the series.

On this adventure, Elijah & Elisha: Conscience of the Kingdom, we take you on location to make tangible the life and works of these great prophets. We started in Jordan, made our way through Israel and Palestine, through some military-protected zones. Our next stop is Egypt. You can track our progress and read more about our encounter with military personnel at FOGhelp.com

As you might imagine, this project is not cheap. Over a half million dollars will be spent before we complete this and the final film, Doctors of the Church. Your prayers and financial support are greatly needed if we are to complete these films. Please visit FOGHELP.com to see what we’re creating, and if you like it consider donating.