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CHRISTIAN MANIFESTO: We will not be silent; we will resist!

Oh boy! Here we go again. The battles are mounting and we Christians are becoming the despised sub-culture. 

This ruling is the second blast of a double-barreled shotgun, the first being legalized murder through abortion. With these two rulings which destroy the family and the high view of marriage, sexuality and human dignity we are watching the death of Western Civilization and sanity.

On the 28th of this month we celebrate the Feast Day of St. Irenaeus. During his time Christians were outlawed in Lyon France (Gaul at the time) and they were taken into the arena and tortured to death. It is not that close for us yet but I fear for my kids and grandkids.


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  1. Mike

    What’s a good response to someone who says “marriage predates religion”.

  2. me

    Mike, you say that even back then it was for heterosexual couples only.

  3. The Sarge

    “Show me the evidence.”

  4. Andrea

    I guess without really thinking too hard about it, I would point out that Religion is about God, His love for us, and our Love for Him. So if Christians believe that God made us male and female like the Good Book says, then they also know that When God made us male and female, it was for companionship, for love, and He gave us what marriage is (See Jesus response in the New Testament when questioned about divorse). So if God made us, instituted marriage, and then years later Moses and the Commandments come along, then Marriage does predate Religion. But God defined what marriage is from the very beginning, gave us a moral code to choose yes or no to, reaffirmed it in the Commandments (honor you father and mother..not your two parents whatever the sex, do not commit adultery, be faithful), and then Jesus once and for all for all believers states it once again, then in a way Religion predates Marriage. For Jesus was in the beginning…he was there when it was all made as the word, He knew us and our Love before we were born. So they both…to me…can be right almost. Religion as a sense began with the Love that God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit had for us, which was even before we were even made. His plan was before the world began. He gave us marriage with faith in mind and gave us faith with that same love in mind…a love that we can show in marriage, a union of love and life giving…we then share in the creating power of God…

  5. Tom Govern

    I am not an expert, but the very first marriage, at least biblically, was between Adam and Eve, man and the woman who was created to compliment and accompany the male Adam. I don’t think that anything else in the Bible changes this. I do think that committed “domestic partners” need help as they have problems that I cannot understand. Still we should not call the solution a “‘marriage” in the traditional or Biblical sense.
    At least the court gave me an option. If my wife survives me, she would be very comfortable marrying our same sex female pet, Maggie. The love is certainly there. Where does this stop?

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