I saw this on a response from Jennifer Fulwiler to some nutcase named Amanda Marcotte who loves lots of cats but denounces lots of kids. I developed it a bit further.  Patrick Madrid who has a beautifully large family also responded.

Lately in the media people are condemning more than two or three kids per family because it’s a danger to the environment and the earth. This little list, though very incomplete, shows what would happen if every family in the past heeded this mistaken concept.

My son has eight children and my daughter five. I expect great things from all of them. They are all amazing, generous and kind home-schooled Catholic kids.

Here are a list of some people who were later children of large families.

Thomas Edison (child #7) Bach (child #7) Mozart (child #7), Benjamin Franklin (#15) Celine Diaz (#14) and Stephen Cobert (#11), Mel Gibson (#6 of 11), Dolly Parton (1 of 11), John F. Kennedy (8 siblings), Martin Sheen (#8 of 11) and many more….

I wish the people promoting small families with cats instead of kids would just keep their mouthes shut.  Do what they want to do but don’t impose their uninformed politics and screwed up “morality” on everyone else.


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