It is a scandal that Notre Dame University should invite Obama to speak and to give him an honorary doctorate. Hundreds of thousands of Catholics are protesting. Click here to speak your voice and to sign the protest petition.


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  1. Mike Sanders

    “…But the distractions have been mounting, including sharply worded letters from two bishops. Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted of the Phoenix Diocese on Wednesday called Obama’s selection a “public act of disobedience” and “a grave mistake.” On Tuesday, Bishop John D’Arcy of the Fort Wayne-South Bend Diocese, which includes Notre Dame, said he would not attend the ceremony because of Obama’s policies.”

    I’m from phoenix and just want to say way to go Bishop Olmsted! Couldn’t agree more.

  2. Anna Marie Janssens

    Steve and Janet,

    Thanks for providing the opportunity to sign the protest petition AND to send it on to others.

    Notre Dame has lost values to Our Lady and all defenders of LIFE…the unborn.
    Hopefully Notre Dame will regain principals/core values.


  3. david iarussi

    “Barack Obama voted against the born alive infants protection act in the Illinois state senate and against the ban on partial-birth abortion, which means that Sen. Obama has never met an abortion he couldn’t live with,” Richard Land, president of the Southern Baptist Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, told Baptist Press.

    Ever since he ran for U.S. Senate in Illinois in 2004, Obama has defended his opposition to the various bills by saying he would have supported them if they had contained “neutrality clause” language stating — as a federal version did — that the bills would not weaken abortion law. The federal version passed the U.S. House and Senate in 2002 by voice vote, with Senate passage coming unanimously.

    But public documents released by National Right to Life Aug. 11 show that Obama, as committee chairman in the Illinois Senate in March 2003, voted against a version of the bill (S.B. 1082) that contained a neutrality clause identical to one in the federal bill, leading to its defeat on a 6-4 vote. In fact, the neutrality sentence was copied word for word from the federal bill. National Right to Life charges Obama was part of a “cover-up” and for years has “blatantly misrepresented” the truth.

    The news is significant not only because it conflicts with Obama’s own stated reasoning behind his opposition to the bill, but also because the federal bill had the support of the U.S. Senate’s most pro-choice members, including Democrats Barbara Boxer and Ted Kennedy. Even NARAL Pro-Choice America — a leading supporter of abortion rights — didn’t oppose it. Pro-lifers charge that if Obama in fact opposed a federal version of the bill on the state level, then he’s further to the left on abortion than anyone in Washington.

  4. Pat Mallory

    What a price many Catholics have paid by using the
    beliefs and values of our Faith to support the Republican
    party. And what have we gained? I know that you probably think that Democrats are evil, but should we barter our Holy Sacrament of Communion simply because some politician barks out a meaningless slogan?

  5. Barbara Edsall

    I was privileged to sign the 350,000-signature petition. This situation is deeply saddening, scary and outrageous. For me as an aspiring Catholic it is heartbreaking. From past experience, I don’t trust certain “outside” people who have involved themselves here. I cannot go to Indiana. What else is there to do but fast and pray?

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