Copy of an unsolicited letter I received today.

Dear Editor of First Things:
I would like to react to the article (God on the Internet) of Mr. Jonathan Last about his cheap shot to the integrity of Mr. Stephen Ray.  Mr. Ray is a friend and an honorary member of the Defensores Fidei Foundation in the Philippines.  He has visited us three times in four years for several talks about his conversion story and apologetics.
Mr. Ray DID NOT charge us a single penny for his talks here in the Philippines.  When in the Philippines, he shows compassion to the Filipino people by donating money, books and videos, thus, there were more expenses than income on his part.
His website also serves as a source of information about Catholic apologetics and in no way does it promote consumerism.  
Mr. Last and First Things should have verified the content of the article before publishing it.  It is too bad that the article was Mr. Last's first article with you and he did not show a more charitable judgement in executing his article. Not unless he intended to sensationalize his article at the expense of truth.
In Christ,
Henry Siy
Defensores Fidei Foundation