It was a lively show with a lot of good questions and discussion. Not only is the Mass A sacrifice, it is THE sacrifice! Enjoy the conversation.

(We started the first few minutes talking about the situation in Israel and our upcoming pilgrimages.)

Questions Covered:

  • What did the Fathers of the Church teach from the first century? And, why is Jimmy Swaggart wrong?
  • How is space and time like a bubble and the sacrifice of Jesus an eternal event made present again at each Mass?
  • 17:13 – What am I sacrificing while I’m at mass?
  • 23:21 – Do we keep Jesus on the cross because he’s sacrificed for the sin of the past, present and future?
  • 32:09 – When exactly does the sacrifice occur during the Mass?
  • 35:12 – Does the Todah suggest that he had to institute the eucharist in order to fulfill the scripture?
  • 42:13 – Three of my protestant friends converted to Catholicism thanks to Steve’s visit to Salem, OR.
  • 44:04 – Why is it so important to determine that the mass is a sacrifice? Are we witnessing a miracle at every mass?
  • 48:16 – I truly believe that it is a sacrifice. My husband is a deacon and a mystic and has encountered this sacrifice in a real way.
  • 51:48 – Is the physical presence of Jesus actually present in the eucharist?