I sometimes joke with my wife Janet: "Sweetie, when we go to confession today, I'll confess your sins and you confess mine, OK?" But this priest is taking me seriously – promoting couples confessing together! Counseling yes, but confession? Canon lawyer Ed Peter's wrote:

The practice of spouses jointly celebrating the sacrament of confession recently garnered support from Catholic News Service veteran columnist Fr. John Deitzen. Provided that couples "approve and consider it helpful for their marriage", Deitzen holds that spouses may confess their sins in each other's presence and receive absolution. He notes only that each spouse would be bound by the seal of confession in regard to what he or she learned about the other.

I believe, however, that there are formidable canonical and practical objections to joint sacramental confession, and I set them out for consideration. Read the rest at here at Ed Peter's Canon Law blog.