Tonight Steve will be on both hours of Catholic Answers Live discussing Protestant Bible studies. Should Catholics attend them? What is the goal of many non-Catholic Bible studies? How can Catholics start their own studies?
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  1. Pete

    Most emphatically NO! My wife was a CCD teacher, Rosary group leader, we were a pre-marriage counselling couple for FOCUS at the parish. Went on annual retreats, the whole nine yards. She got in on Bible Study Fellowship International and there was nobody, not me, not our director of R.E., a former priest, or any of the other CCD teachers who could biblically defend the faith.
    She and our kids have been happy Evangelicals for 16 years. And they no longer care to listen to the “fullness of truth” Our 29 year old son had, as guest homilist at his First Holy Communion, Mr. Clown (full regalia) and hiw wife. Mrs. Clown held a shopping bag full of candy which M. Clown threw out to the kiddies by the handsful, creating pandomonium in the pews. (I have a full video tape and when I get the guts, about every five years, I watch it.)
    the reason I bring up the clown is to illustrate why somebody who had experienced that at the most solemn sacramental life would think it’s all a joke.
    Sadly they all think it’s a joke and even though I can now defend with the best of them, they could care less. No Catholics in fundagelical studies, go instead to the excellent Catholic Scripture Study International for which Steve Ray is an author.

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