The gay activists have just announced a boycott of Walmart. If everyone else supports Walmart because of their refusal to bow to gay demands — then Walmart will do better business and be rewarded for their moral stand. Do your Christmas shopping at Walmart!
From a friend:

I am hitting “reply to all” for just one message and I won’t do it again, however I thought that this might be important. Over the weekend my wife and I went to Wal-mart in Atlanta, and lo and behold we saw one of the good staples of Christmas. The bell ringers from the Salvation Army were in front of every single Wal-mart that we went into over the holiday weekend,  but not one in front of Target. I asked one of the Salvation Army guys why they were not in front of Target and he said it was because of the “gay thing.” In other words Target won’t let them stand in front because of the gay agenda. That came directly from one of the bell ringers with the Salvation Army.

All my shopping will be done at Wal-mart instead of Target this year, until Target changes their policy.