The Case for you – Sherlock Holmes:

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Stan filled the fireplace and lit the oak logs to make the living room cozy for the arriving guests. The Bible Study had been announced at Mass, and now suddenly it was here. Stan and Suzie had been Catholics all their lives, but they had never really studied the Bible for themselves, so this was a new venture for them. They had just come home from work and had a few moments to wolf down last night’s leftovers and send the kids to the neighbors before prepping the living room.

They both hoped everything would go well. Since Catholics are generally uninterested in the Bible, they didn’t expect many to attend. The doorbell rang. As Stan stepped toward the door, he noticed the large crucifix on the wall and quickly decided to take it down and set it behind the couch. He didn’t want to offend the guests.

Greetings were extended and the guests settled into their seats. They had an interesting mix of participants. More than half were from the parish, but there were also a Presbyterian couple, a young woman who had left the Catholic Church and a “non-denominational” couple.   

If you dare to continue the case, click HERE.

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  1. James

    Thanks for the advice, Steve. My wife and I have just started a Bible Study at our parish and this is good advice to avoid some pitfalls.

    Any particular study you strongly recommend? We’re starting with Genesis to Jesus from the St. Paul Center.


    1. Steve Ray

      James, what you are using is good. I would also recommend a series for Catholics which is fantastic with a video talk, notebooks, teachers manual and everything you need. It is like add water and you are ready to go. I have written the Genesis, Joshua, Judges, Ruth, Acts and 1 and 2 Corinthians in the series. You can check it out at

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