Rome Correspondent Asks “Why?” regarding the injustice to Bishop Strickland

I was going to post my thoughts on Pope Francis’ ouster of Bishop Strickland. But Joan Lewis said what I was gong to say — and ask, so I am just posting her short article along with a lot of good links for those who want to read more.

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An incredible amount of outrage in the Catholic world has surfaced since Pope Francis, on November 11, removed Bishop Strickland of Tyler, Texas. I  posted the announcement on this site that very day and had remarks and questions of my own.

The first question was Why?  No reason was given. We need a reason. So does Bishop Strickland!

I have another ‘why’ question. There are many cases today of bishops (Germany, for one example) whose actions are clearly, openly contrary to papal orders and/or Church teaching. Why are they still active in the episcopacy?

Pope Francis is always talking about mercy and dialogue. Why was there no dialogue with Bishop Strickland (and others the Pope has removed from office)? Why was Strickland not called – should I have said invited’ – directly to Rome to speak with the Pope?

The following are very interesting articles and videos about the Bishop Strickland case:

By the way, here is the bishop’s renamed X (former Twitter) account: @BishStrickland

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You might start here with Cardinal Mueller:

And this is what you want to see next: Video on Strickland case with Robert Royal and Fr. Gerald Murray, a noted Canon lawyer:

Strickland talking to USCCB in 2018 – HE REPOSTED THIS TODAY, NOV 13 ON X:

Video interview with Bishop Strickland by Lifesitenews:

Comments by Bishop Schneider: