The Father knocks on my door, seeking a home for his Son.

“Rent is cheap,” I say.

“I don’t want to rent, I want to buy,” says God.

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“I’m not sure I want to sell, but please come in to look around.”

“I think I will,” says God.

“I might let you have a room or two,” I say.

“I like it,” says God. “I’ll take the two rooms. You might decide to give me more someday. I can wait,” says God.

“I’d like to give you more, but it a bit difficult. I need some space for me,” I say.

“I know,” says God, “but I’ll wait; I like what I see.”

“Hmm, maybe I can let you have another room. I really don’t need that much.“

“Thanks,” says God. “I’ll take it. I like what I see.“

“I’d like to give you the whole house, but I’m not sure.“

“Think on it,” says God; “I would not put you out. Your house would be mine and my son would live in it. You’d have more space than you’ve ever had before.“

“But, I don’t understand at all,” I say.

“I know,” says God, “but I can’t tell you about that. You have to discover it for yourself. That can only happen if you let me have the whole house.“

“That’s a bit risky,” I say.

“Yes,” says God, “but try me.“

“I’m not sure. I’ll let you know.“

“I can wait,” says God. “I like what I see.”


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  1. Brother Ed

    Nice. I love the analogy.

    Sometimes we find that we thought we gave the whole house to the Father and find that we really held back in some area.

    It’s a challenge to not only give the house, but to not hold any rooms back.

  2. Frank

    Fantastic, you get twice as much out of it when you read it a second time. I like the thought of making “home improvements” once the Son moves in. The upgraded improvement usually reflect the occupant’s character and taste. Maybe some improvements could be to repaint in a color called “Truth Teal”, trimmed with Crown Molding painted in “Passion Purple”. And if the owner allowed, replacing the floor with ceramic tile to give a stronger foundation. What ever the changes may be I’m sure it would increase one’s value and the neighborhood.

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  4. Rose and Jim King

    Hello from Phoenix. The videos are AWESOME. Almost feel like we are on pilgrimage with you.We are praying a Rosary daily that Our Lady wraps her Mantle around you to keep you healthy and safe, and that she leads you to a deeper personal encounter with her Son. Wishing you a very Happy and Holy New Year.
    Blessings, Jim and Rose King

  5. Greg Weigold

    I like it, Steve… might become part of an upcoming homily…
    God bless you, Janet and all your pilgrims..
    Deacon Greg

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