Reading about Modern-day Crucifixions while Connecting in Amsterdam

Janet and I are in Amsterdam making a connection to Tel Aviv. We will have a few days to meet with friends, deliver gifts to local Christians and get organized for our two back-to-back groups.
While here I am catching up on e-mail and my website and found this stunning and disturbing news item. Jesus said we need to take up our cross and follow him. Amazingingly there are Christians today literally being crucified for their belief in Jesus. Muslims are doing this. This is what happens when Sharia Law is in place.

Ugandan rebels target Christians of southern Sudan for crucifixion

The Lord’s Resistance Army, which has been charged with multiple human-rights abuses during a long civil war in Uganda, has now begun preying upon Christian villagers in neighboring southern Sudan. Witnesses report that at least 7 people were killed in recent raids, with most of the deaths caused by forms of crucifixion.
Click on image below for larger image. Found at a site about Islamic Sharia Law