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My new book was just published by Ignatius Press. It is entitled “Genesis, A Bible Study Guide and Commentary” which is thoroughly Catholic and some have said, “It reads like a novel.”

Buy a signed copy now and receive my talk “Abraham, Father of Faith and Works.”

Today I took questions on Genesis and we had a great time.

During the show we also discussed “Who wrote Genesis?” and “How is Abraham’s offering of Isaac a prefiguration of God offering his own son?”

  • 15:19 – How liberally can we interpret the first 6 chapters of Genesis? 
  • 19:42 – since Jesus was a Rabbi, did the Jews consider him to be celibate? 
  • 21:57 – Genesis 3:15, when man betrays God, God says a “punishment” is man having dominion over woman, why is this considered a punishment? 
  • 31:54 – Genesis 3:16, what does it mean when it says “God will strike enmity between her seed and the serpent” 
  • 47:48 – How does the Catholic Church view the rights of the first born son (according to Genesis) 
  • 51:58 – What is the story behind snakes (why does the Old Testament use snakes) and how do they relate to Jesus?