Questions I Answered on Catholic Answers Live – Jesus during 40 Days between Resurrection and Ascension

Another fun show during the 40 days between Jesus’s resurrection and ascension. Where was he? To whom did he reveal himself? Did 2,000 people witness his resurrection?

Questions Covered:

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What kind of body did Jesus have after his resurrection? How will that effect us?

Where did Jesus appear in those 40 days?

Who did Paul list as witnesses and why were there no women included as his witnesses?

Paul said that 500 brothers saw the risen Lord. Was it really 2,000 with youngsters who would be witnesses into the 2nd century?

  • 18:54 – Why didn’t Jesus keep the wounds from his scourging, but only the five wounds?
  • 23:05 – Since Jesus has a body in heaven and so does Mary, are we going to have the same bodies purified and cleansed in heaven?
  • 43:12 – It makes sense to me that Jesus changed his physical appearance, and they didn’t recognize him. I’m a recovering alcoholic and people didn’t recognize when I became sober.
  • 50:50 – 1. Cor 15:28 What does this mean? And how do I respond to people who claim this disproved Jesus divinity?