Since I am currently leading a group of enthusiastic pilgrims through Lourdes and Fatima, it is a good time to present my recently recorded interview with Bryan Topham about Objections to Mary. Both of us are converts and held the same typical “Evangelical Protestant” uninformed ideas of the Blessed Virgin.

What did we used to believe and teach and why did we come to accept the profound teaching of the Catholic Church on so many of the issues.

  1.  Protestant views of Mary
    • That she was not ever virgin,
    • Don’t call her the Mother of God,
    • Just a girl and didn’t play an important part
  2. The biblical case for how Catholics view Mary
    • Ever virgin
    • The new Ark/Eve
    • Why she is the Queen of Heaven
    • How the Old Testament is full of gems on Mary
  3. What Changed our minds about Mary