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Some poor parisheners are suffering this from the “progressive” and trendy practice of emptying holy water fonts and baptismal fonts during Lent. Some parishes have even been known to fill the font with sand after the water is emptied out. I guess this is to symbolize the desert. Clever, trendy, but not in line with the teaching and instruction of the Church.
Hopefully, fewer parishes each year are playing with unacceptable and silly  innovations.
On a recent Catholic Answers Live segment Jimmy Akin called this kind of new practice a “stupid” idea, if I remember correctly. I agree. Though we are to deprive ourselves of certain things during Lent, the Sacraments and sacramentals are not one of them.
We may set aside chocolate and soft drinks, but sacramentals, no. Sorry!
For more on this matter you can read here and here. If you suffer from this silly practicd, you may want to update your priest.