We arrived safely in Amman Jordan but we missed Palm Sunday! We left Saturday afternoon and landed in Amman early Monday morning. Sunday disappeared. We cannot sleep on planes so it is always grueling getting to the Middle East. Our first two days in Jordan have been very productive and exhausting so I will write more about them tomorrow when I have internet access from our room in Jerusalem. I am at a business center right now borrowing a computer.

My daughter Emily spent the day with our friends' daughter Aram Khzus going to her Jordanian school. It was a great experience for Emily riding the bus to Holy Rosary School and sharing the day with hundreds of Arabic-speaking children who stared at her. Janet and I also went to school, visiting a Catholic school in the north with a friend of ours and the principal, Fr. Twal. With over 800 kids we were swamped with questions and surrounded with smiles and hugs and handshakes.

For those concerned for our safety have no worry. We are surrounded by “Welcome Jordan, where from?” When say “America” they all shout, “Welcome, welcome!” and want their pictures taken. It is delightful here. I will write more after I get a little sleep and have access to the internet with my laptop.

Steve Ray, 4/6/04 8:45 PM