Again this year we head to the Philippines for two weeks to encourage and help instruct the wonderful Catholic folks living in this Catholic nation. However, they are under assault by cults and sects and many are Catholic simply because they were born Catholic and not because they have fallen in love with Jesus and the Church. We are sponsored by the Defensores Fidei.

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This is one of our own personal burdens, to help and love these wonderful people. You can read my Open Letter to the Filipino People that was published in all their major papers.

To give you an idea of some of the things I will be doing in the Philippines (you can see the daily schedule on my Schedule page):  First day there I have to speak for 3 hours to all the seminarians of Manila.The next day to all the bishops and priests. Then to the Businessmen’s group, then to large crowds of every day Filipinos, then to three groups of 1,000 priests and religious, then to 100 Catholic preachers who have a following of several million people. Those are just some of the talks.

The president of the Filipino Catholic Bishop’s Conference has invited us to fly to Davao in Mindanoa for our last three days for non-stop seminars. He has requested/required all bishops, priests and others to attend the 3-day conference. The promotion said “come hear the speakers” and when I asked them who the other speakers were they chuckled and said “YOU”. Oh boy!
Janet and I are a bit overwhelmed — not only with my limited capabilities but with the rapid-fire progression of talks — several a day, going on for 10 days without a break. We have only charged them for our plane fare and I am selling all my materials at 1/2 price. Sure glad I have Janet along to support me.
Keep us, and the Filipinos in your prayers. By the way, I am going to try to keep a daily journal of our trip on my Blog.
The picture above is of our dear friends from Defensores Fidei who have sponsored our trip. These are some of the best and most generous and devote friends you could ever find. For a larger picture, view my pictures on my Home Page.