From (Steve Ray here: Our family had our health insurance cancelled two weeks ago. Obama lied to us all when he said we could keep our policies. Millions of families have had their policies cancelled. So this report by CatholicVote is important to understand for many reasons.)

“A few days ago, Secretary Sebelius apologized to Congress….for a malfunctioning website.

“But the problem is not just the website. The problem is Obamacare itself! Obamacare is a disaster for American families coast to coast. We don’t need a website fix. We need real healthcare reform – starting with an end to Obamacare.

“In her testimony to Congress this morning, Sebelius did her best to best minimize the problems, pledging to fix the website. But no amount of spin can change the nightmare just now beginning.

“In just over a year, a third of the Senate and the Congress will face the voters. We must keep the pressure on every elected official. We don’t want a website fix. We want real healthcare reform.

“As the country continues to debate the botched rollout, I have included 5 simple reasons to share with your family and friends why Obamacare is bad for America. Don’t be fooled. Website ‘glitches’ are just the beginning….”

Read the whole article and to the understand the five reasons ObamaCare is a disaster, click HERE.

For their follow up article “ObamaCare’s Real Problems: Three Views”, click HERE


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