Steve was on Catholic Answers Live – “Mary, Visitation and Ark of the New Covenant”

Steve was the guest on Catholic Answers Live at 7 PM Eastern time, Monday, May 22. See YouTube video below.

The topic was “Who is Mary? Mary, the Visitation and the Ark of the New Covenant.”

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Questions I Answered:

Tell us about the Visitation? How old was Mary? How far did she travel to visit Elizabeth? Why is it all based on the Old Testament?

Why did she go visit Elizabeth? What is Luke trying to teach us with this interesting story? Did Mary go to help her relative Elizabeth or is there another reason?

30:09 – I thought Mary visited Elizabeth to learn about childbirth. Is this true?
32:58 – Why were Mary and Joseph surprised at Jesus’ comment about being in his Father’s house after they lost him?
42:23 – I was taught that the visit to Elizabeth was typological to David dancing in front of the Arch of the Covenant. Can you expound on that?
44:16 – Can you explain the timeline of Joseph and Mary’s betrothal? Was it before, during, after the Visitation?
49:32 – Would Simeon at the Presentation have remembered that this was the Mary that was pregnant outside of marriage and Joseph almost divorced?

Steve’s segment starts at the 1:00 hour mark — half way in.