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The scientific word is “microchimerism”. It is the transfer of cells from the baby’s body into the mother’s body and the transfer of cells of the mother’s body in the baby’s body. These cells of the baby remain in the mothers’ body after birth. Very interesting indeed when considering the relationship between Jesus and his mother Mary.

The microchimerism website says,

“Microchimerism is the harboring of small numbers of cells that originated in a genetically different individual.

  • During pregnancy some cells traffic from the mother to the fetus and from the fetus to the mother.
  • Surprisingly, a small number of the mother’s cells persist in her offspring, including into adult life.
  • And a small number of cells from prior pregnancies persist in mothers many years later.

It has only recently become apparent that naturally-acquired microchimerism is common in humans.” (

The new scientific discovery of microchimerism informs us that some of the cells of the God-Man Jesus remained in the body of Mary. At his gestation and after his birth, Jesus left microscopic bits of his own divine cellular being inside his mother. Was Mary then a tabernacle of the Divine? Yes, not only during the pregnancy but also forever after.

Smithsonian Magazine informs us, “This cellular invasion means that mothers carry unique genetic material from their children’s bodies, creating what biologists call a microchimera, named after the legendary beasts made of different animals. The phenomenon is widespread among mammals, and scientists have proposed a number of theories for how it affects the mother, from better wound healing to higher risk of cancer.”

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We speak of Mary being the Ark of the New Covenant. The Ark of the Old Covenant in the Old Testament contained 1) the Word of God inscribed on stone, 2) an urn of manna, and 3) Aaron the High Priest’s rod that budded (Heb 9:4).

Mary is the Ark of the New Covenant and in her womb was 1) the Word of God inscribed on flesh, 2) the real bread which came down from heaven, and 3) the real and ultimate, eternal High Priest.

But science now informs us that Mary was the Ark of the Covenant that carried God Himself not only for nine months but for the remainder of her existence. Mary was — and indeed still is — the Ark of the New Covenant and the repository of the Divine.

What other woman has this relationship with God in the flesh? She is the beloved daughter of the Father, the chosen mother of the Son, and the chaste spouse of the Holy Spirit. What other woman has such a relationship with the Trinity?

And now that science has discovered microchimerism, we realize now that Mary is perpetually the tabernacle of the Divine. As a Protestant, I thought Mary was non-essential and not important. Catholics made too big a deal of Mary. Boy, was I wrong. I love being a Catholic!

For more info, check out an Elizabeth Scalia article, and Wikipedia.


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  1. Rel

    Thank you for this article, Steve. Mary is indeed the tabernacle of the Divine.

  2. Thomas M Govern

    Think of Mary’s influence on our country if we ask her to help, and we do indeed need it! And, thank you for being a Catholic. We need others, especially bishops, to stand for the faith. Sadly many do not.

  3. MyronM

    Steve Ray: “Very interesting indeed when considering the relationship between Jesus and his mother Mary.”

    The cells of the child stay with the mother forever, and the cells of the mother stay with the child forever.
    If so, then by receiving Holy Communion you also receive the living cells of the Virgin Mother.
    If the Blessed Virgin is the Mother of the Church, and the Lord Jesus is the Head of that Church, what is the relationship between them? If we receive their Body and Blood in the Eucharist, what is our status?

  4. Catherine Thompson

    I love you being Catholic!
    Thank you Steve for everything you do to get the Word out there.

    STEVE RAY HERE: Thanks Catherine!

  5. Loren Jensen

    And since some of the Messiah’s cells were still residing within her, Mary had to be assumed into heaven, since the Holy One could not be allowed to see corruption.

  6. Mary Payne

    Which also means that a woman who aborts her child can never rid herself of him completely. And when she kills her child, she is also destroying some of herself.

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