This week has seen several such emails and personal comments as I gave talks in several venues in Texas. People wandering through various denominations and religious groups before discovering their true home in the Catholic Church.

Here is one such e-mail I received today and it can be multiplied many times. The Church has it’s problems, but it always has. But the Church is also alive and still attracting the best and the brightest of Protestant Christians into her arms of love and truth.

We had an email exchange a few years ago now. At that time I think I was still a pastor in a Protestant church having grown up Catholic until 16. I am currently an itinerant evangelist. I just wanted to let you know I came back into the Catholic Church on Easter vigil this year.
Thank you so much for taking the time to message me. Thank you for your books and YouTube content all playing a huge part in my journey. I have a road ahead that may get painful and lonely  ministry wise but I am not frightened of that.
I appreciate prayer as my family although not opposed are not on this journey with me just yet. God bless you and family immensely in all you do for the Lord and His church!
Keep sharing the truth of our Catholic Church, living it faithfully in a neo-pagan world and remember that Jesus and his Church are the sole hope for this lost world and the salvation of our souls.