India is really amazing country. Different areas are very different than other areas. The southern part is where most of the Christians live and it’s been wonderful in Bangalore which is a modern city where a lot of the high-tech industry centers.
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We are now on a Jet Airways flight heading back to Kerala for a week of speaking to thousands of priests, nuns and seminarians. Very much looking forward to this.
We will also take time to explore the history of Christianity in this area where St. Thomas the Apostle brought the Catholic Faith to India in the 1st century. He is the Apostle and Patron Saint of India.
We will be visiting his tomb and sharing that with you early next week.


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  1. Ronald

    I am originally from Kerala and settled in Bangalore and I know this is so going to change the Catholic Scene in India. I know Because I did when I heard Mr. Steve Ray in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman. I ordered for all his materials after the talks(Well, except for ‘Footprints of God: Abraham)!
    Its going to bring about Apologists. Young Apologists in India!
    To hear Catholicism celebrated so much in Steve’s talk would have been surprising for many!

  2. Tom Govern

    Would love to be with you on this! Thomas is may favorite go figure.

  3. Adrian Stevens

    I can’t agree more with you Ronald. I was hearing Steve for the first time live ( have only heard him on EWTN and youtube ) am sure he will inspire young apologists in our city.

  4. Ronald Austin

    A good supplement of prayers from our end should assure us that, Mr. Adrian!

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