Last Day: Vatican Museums, Sistine Chaoel, Mass with JPII and Faustina, Free Afternoon, Farewell Dinner

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Today was our last full day of the pilgrimage. Everyone flies home tomorrow morning. This has been a remarkable and deeply spiritual and gratifying pilgrimage with a lot of wonderful Catholic folks.

Today we walked to the Vatican and went through the museums seeing the very special Rafael Rooms, tapestries, statues, the map hallway and ultimately the Sistine Chapel.  I am glad we were well prepared beforehand by Liz’s presentation last night.

We then had Mass with Sts. John Paul II and Maria Faustina at Sanctu Sanctu in Sassia — the Divine Meecy Church of Roma. Fr. Frans’ closing homily was a challenge to take home as evangelists what we’ve gained and experienced here

Free afternoon and farewell Dinner at one of our favorite hideaways Schiavi D’ Abruzzo.