The Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, made an utter fool of herself on Meet the Press last Sunday. She stepped into a ring without being prepared, with the wrong uniform, and with blinders on her already blind eyes. She claims to be Catholic but proves to be nothing of the sort.
I applaud the bishops who have immediately stepped into the ring for the knock out punch. You can read their letters to Nancy Pelosi on the following links.
Click here to read the Zenit article.
Cardinal Egan of New York’s POWERFUL and even sarcastic statements (bravo)! Here.
Archbishop Chaput‘s statements from Denver, the city of the Democratic Convention. Here.
Archbishop Wuerl‘s comments from Washington DC — brilliant! Here.
To write to Pelosi, these are her fax numbers (415-861-1670; 202-225-4188). I suggest she resign now that she has proved her ignorance and utter lack of qualification to lead the House of Representatives and the United States of America. She is an embarrassment of monumental proportions!