A dapper middle-aged man and an older black woman–both very nice, polite and full of smiles. The grandkids saw them coming and said, “Someone’s coming to the door; we don’t know who they are.”

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One of their tacky little propoganda pieces

They always come at such inopportune times. I had just finished working around the house and was dripping with sweat. I opened the door before the knocked and greeted them with, “Good morning. Jehovah’s Witnesses I see. I have all of your books in my library.” The nice lady said, “Really? Are you a Jehovah’s Witness?” “No,” I said, ” I am a Catholic evangelist and I study your religion and others so I know how to share the true faith with you.”

They weren’t quite sure what to say so I kept talking, “I am sorry I am such a mess; otherwise I would invite you in. But I don’t have time to convert you right now; maybe some other time. In two hours I am on my way to Texas to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

She said, “I used to be a Catholic.” I said, “That is too bad. Many Catholics don’t know their truth of their faith and are tricked into leaving for other religions. It does not surprise me you used to be a Catholic.”

They smiled and tried to hand me their Watchtower Magazine entitled “Awake”. I held out my brochure–fair is fair. Knowing they are not allowed to take any material–especially from Catholics or Evangelicals–I said, “I’ll take your’s if you take mine.” She laughed uncomfortably but refused my offer.

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Everyone that arrives here knows we are proud Catholics

I said, “I know you are not allowed to take my brochure. The Watchtower will not allow you to take or read any other literature.” No, no,” she laughed nervously again. “Oh yes,” I replied, “I know all about you and you are NOT allowed to touch this brochure I am handing you. I know your religion very well.”

They turned to leave and I politely said good-bye and “left the door open” for them to return. I don’t think they run into homes like ours very often.

Outside our front door are porcelain paintings of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. I pray that Our Lord and Lady will lead these good-intentioned people back to the truth of the Catholic Faith — because “it is later than they think.”


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  1. Teresa Grodi

    Do you know any good websites about how to evangelize to JW’s who come to your door? I tried to find a good Catholic response to common points made by JW’s, but couldn’t. Any thoughts?

    1. Gabrielle Murphy

      I think what would maybe make them think is if you had the conviction to call at their homes instead of waiting for them to call on you. After all if you are as certain as they are about having found the path to the Father and eternal life then surely the Christian thing to do would be to at least match their efforts to spread this gospel. It’s a very poor imitation of Christianity to sit at home and wait for the “lost” to find you. After all if you lost one of your children let’s say on a busy beach you would hardly sit there finishing your ice cream waiting for them to find you. Well not if you really loved them! So show your Christian love and search for these “lost souls”. Now that would impress them!

  2. Tony Kiely

    Hi Steve,
    Great read! But what does that saying mean “it is later than they think”?

  3. Carolyn Neal

    Steve, I doubt it was your literature that caused them to decline. I imagine it was more likely your attitude. And, I assure you, we have met people like you many times. We are communicating with people 365 days a year, year in and year out and have been doing so for the last hundred years. Further, we are not afraid of dialogue, ideas, or any written material and are not “forbidden” to consider anything. We are happy to explore whatever an individual wishes to discuss. And for those individuals who exhibit no interest in communicating, we are content to move on. Just as Catholics and Anglicans have parishes, Witnesses have local territories. If you do not want Witnesses calling at your home you have only to request that they remove your address from their call list. Thereafter, if someone inadvertently calls at your door, you might politely advise them that you requested previously to have your address deleted from their visitation list. Witnesses have no desire to waste their valuable volunteer time calling on people who have no desire to communicate. There are too many people in the world who do seek answers to the great questions in life, and those are the individuals Witnesses seek to find.

  4. Paul Primavera

    You said in your response to the Jehovah Witness people that you were about to go and preach the Gospel in a few hours. It seems unlikely that (being married) you are an ordained Priest. Are you then an ordained Deacon? Otherwise, however astute you are in apologetics (and no one can deny that you are astute), you have no authority to preach. Perhaps you meant to say “teach” or “train people.”

    1. Loye Young

      Every baptized Catholic is authorized (and indeed commanded) to preach and teach the Faith. The principal exception is the homily at Mass, which is reserved to the clergy (bishops, priests, and deacons).

      “On all Christians is laid the preeminent responsibility of working to make the divine message of salvation known and accepted by all men throughout the world.” Vatican II, Apostolicam Actuositatem (Decree on the Apostolate of Lay Persons) 3 (1965).

      You can read more about the evangelizing, preaching mission that is inherent in the vocation of every baptized Catholic here: https://catholicstand.com/evangelism-laity-order-preachers/

      STEVE RAY HERE: Absolutely correct! Thanks.

  5. Paul Primavera

    BTW, are all comments here under moderation, or just mine? Not that I am paranoid or anything, but Mark Shea’s long hand of discipline against anyone who differs with him reaches far and wide, and you are his friend. Ummmmm……so much for the vineyard of the Lord…..

  6. Kathy Schiffer

    Oh Carolyn, I am so pleased that you are acquainted with Mr. Ray’s website! Please visit again often– He does, as he explains, know all about your faith and all about his Faith. The dialogue will be lively and life-changing.
    Steve, may God continue to bless your ministry.

  7. Marcel LeJeune

    I had three Baptists women come to my door one day, giving a survey. I knew what was up, because I have done the surveys myself. The last question is “if you were to die tonight, do you believe you would go to heaven?” I asked if they thought I was saved. They said “yes”.
    I responded, “I have been redeemed by Christ. I have been washed in his blood by my baptism and rest in his grace by my obedience to his word and faith in him. I believe I was saved 2,000 years ago when Christ came, died on the cross, rose from the grave, and ascended to heaven – for me. I believe I am being saved, as St. Paul says “I am working out my salvation with fear and trembling.” I believe I will be saved when I die or when Christ comes again, whichever happens first. So, am I saved? I have the firm hope of salvation that since I am in God’s grace, if I died tonight I would go to heaven.”
    One woman gave me a high-five.
    Another said, “we never get answers like that. You really know your stuff.”
    I told her, “I should. I work at the Catholic church across the street from your church.”
    The third woman asked “are you an evangelistic church.”
    I said, “we are trying.
    She said, “my husband doesn’t get the Baptist stuff, do you think you could call him and talk to him.”
    I said, “of course.”
    We exchanged numbers and I got to talk to her husband for 30 minutes and evangelize him.
    When anyone is open to talking about faith, never close the door.

  8. Matt Shewell

    Two times now I have come home and found little leaflets left behind by what I believe are JWs. I really hope I get to talk with them sometime soon. I am a recent Catholic convert (2010) and I’ve been doing a lot of apologetics reading and listening to Catholic Answers Live and I want to see how much I’ve learned!

  9. Serena

    Teresa, there is a really good book by Jason Everts called, “Answering Jehovah’s Witnesses.” It compares Catholic teaching to JW teaching so you understand where they’ve got it wrong.

  10. Chris Flemng

    I was approached by two JCs as I was leaving home. They said they are JCs and would like to talk to me. I said I’m Catholic and would sure like to talk to them. They promised to come back in the evening when I said I would be home. That was over a year ago and I have not seen hide nor hair of them. I later found a website of a born again who was a JC elder for 25yrs before becoming a born again. He says he does not believe in any denominational church because the church is invisible. We I won’t go into that visible mistake of his now. The thing that he made me aware of is that JC’s believe that they only have the truth and therefore they come to you to teach you. Not the other way around. As soon as you try to come across as the teacher the JC’s leave never to come back. You must pose as the student asking them to clarify what you see as contradictions. Not contradictions in their understanding of scripture but contradictions in the teachings of the watchtower (the Bible Tract Soc). They solidly believe this society is the spokesperson of God. You need to convince them otherwise with your questions. Google ‘tower watch’.

  11. Dee Gray

    Hi Steve – I love that you display the Sacred Hearts at your front door. I would love to do the same. Did you have the plaque made? If not, can you tell me where you purchased it? Thank you. Blessings, Dee Gray, Surprise, AZ,

  12. Lisa Peterson

    Thanks for the story. I have jw’s come to my door all the time. I talk to them, because I feel sorry for them and try to set them straight, or at least plant seeds.

  13. honoria

    I usually say, why don’t u convert some muslims, we used to burn people like you, heretics we called them, it works every time.

  14. Zi Davis

    I really enjoyed reading this article!!! I laughed as I imagined Steve’s voice when he spoke! Way to go!!!

  15. Rex

    I had what I thought was a friendly discussion of scripture when some JW’s came to our home. Later in the week they came back when I was at work and my wife and children were home. They told her I was under the power of the Devil and they could hide her and the children in a safe place and save their souls. My wife got scared when they were reluctant to leave. She finally threatened to call the police and they left. When I got home she was still upset. I called the local JW group listed in the phone book. The fellow who answered said they didn’t operate that way. I don’t know their drill but this group of three was over zealous to the point of being scary. They never came back. I suppose most are nice folks, but be careful.

  16. Chris Lapain

    Hi Steve,
    Great story. We have a local JW group who I have a long standing relationship with, 15 to 20 years of answering their knocks on our front door. Most of the time I have tried my best to be evangelistic in my counter outreach to them. One of my adventures was with an elder named Henry who told me that we were living in heaven and that if I joined him life would be great. I told him that this isn’t heaven and if he thinks it is he is selling heaven way short. I also shared that I was a Catholic. He then told me he used to be a Catholic a long time ago. That’s when I put my hand on his shoulder and looked him in the eye and said Henry you need to come home to the Catholic church. Well he was stunned and quite speachless. I then said Henry we miss you and we want you back in the fold please come home.Henry left that day with tears in his eyes. A couple of months ago I did as you and offered to take the watch tower if they would take my copy of Rediscovering Catholism by Matt Kelly. Boy that was one way to change the discussion. I love when they come and consider it a gift to be able to share my Catholic faith with them and know at times that God uses them to challenge me to know my faith more. God Bless

  17. Keiffer

    The Institute of Catholic Culture has free audios of a 3-part program “Kingdom of the Cults: Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons & Seventh Day Adventists” available at http://instituteofcatholicculture.org/media.htm. All 3 feature (a) a short history/orientation of the “religion”, (b) practical apologetics of how to talk to them, and (c) a Catholic convert *from* that “religion”, and what it was that helped them turn to the Catholic Church.
    Steve, BTW, the leader of the program (Sabatino–now a Deacon) went with you on your Holy Land tour in early ’09.

  18. David

    Carolyn, I was a cradle JW for 25 years, and Steve is absolutely correct. JW’s are advised not to take literature from other religions, ESPECIALLY from a Catholic.
    A 100 hundred years does not come close to what Christ’s church, the Catholic Church, has been doing for the last 2000 years in evangelizing. Where do you think these Catholics have come from that have been converted by the likes of you because of how weak they are in their faith? You wouldn’t even have that book that you tote door to door if it wasn’t for the Catholic Church. Your very name, “Jehovah’s Witnesses”, stems from a 13th century Dominican monk attempting to translate YHWH into English.
    Carolyn, communication is a two way street. I suggest you read 1 Peter 3:15, and reflect on whether you can give a defense for the hope that is you when the tough questions come. The Watchtower could not answer the tough ones when I asked, thus my whole family is entering the Church this Easter. Praise be to God! We will be joined to Christ’s mystical body and commune with Him in the Eucharist and we can’t wait!

  19. elleblue

    I was waiting for a bus one Sunday morning on my way to Mass dressed in my full length religious habit when a JW crossed the street to come over to talk to me.
    I was praying my rosary at the time and stopped and listened and when asked if I would take the Watchtower I declined and then assured her I would pray for her and she was surely leading people away from God and down a dangerous road. She just stood there and didn’t know what to say, so I wished her good day and went back to my rosary.

  20. 1catholicsalmon

    Hi Steve, my husband and I were privaledged to attend a day’s seminar of yours, at the hall alongside Westminster Cathedral last August in London. We still discuss your witness and love of the the One True Apostolic Faith!
    To say that I was charged with energy after your talks is an understatement……about two weeks after our day in London, I was working away at the computor when I received an unexpected knock at the door.
    It felt like ‘this is a test from on High’, as previously I would’ve felt uneasy and maybe afraid of the questions they may have asked me.
    I was cool, calm and collected, and spurred on by the Holy Spirit, (you and your wife Janet) to chat informally, openly and with conviction for almost an hour about my staunch Catholic roots, and Faith.
    It was such an achievement for me.
    I’m so sorry that your visitors were’t blessed with an hour of your time, perhaps they’ll return? Thanks for your example.

  21. Dave

    I had some JWs come around to my place with their two young children. After talking with them for two-and-a-half hours, THEY decided they had to leave. I invited them back but they never returned. Several weeks later, I had another visit, this time by two JW women. They stayed for just over an hour before they left (I think I upset one of them this time, which was not my intention). However, this time, they invited me to their Kingdom Hall, which I went to several weeks later and spoke with a couple of the elders. Then, several months later, another couple turned up. We’re still in contact via visits and emails, which I actually enjoy. In all three cases, what struck me were two things: 1. they know their bible more than most Christians (and that includes Catholics) and 2. none of them, including the elders, had real answers for several of my observations of things that were in the bible. Oh well!

  22. Paul Rimmer

    It’s attitude like yours that contributed in part to my leaving the Catholic Church. You are wrong, and you are arrogant in your wrong ideas. JWs do take other literature, and will read it. When they came to my house, I gave them a copy of Carl Sagan’s Demon Haunted World, and we worked through the chapter on proper reasoning. I had to read through their Interpretation of the Scriptures book. Though I agree that there are serious gaping holes in JW theology, I found it entirely possible to openly discuss these problems with them in a charitable way.
    I wonder if you would be capable of similar charity and good will if we were to have a discussion.

  23. Jim

    Yes, they refuse to take materials, but it depends on the level of the person talking to you. I’ve had some more senior people talk to me; they took my materials from Catholic Answers but I suppose they simply immediately inserted them in their revolving file. I actually had the Minnesota director of JW’s visit my house; nice person and articulate . . .but not that impressive compared to the members of the Catholic episcopate I’ve had the good fortune to meet, and the many we hear on shows like Catholic Answers Live. A couple of apologetic resources(aside from Steve’s great materials) —
    G.K Chesteron – Catholics and Conversion
    Catholics, Protestants and the Bible
    God Bless,
    Jim M.

  24. Jim

    @ Paul. . . I’d like to have a discussion with you. And, I’ve had many discourses with others, Pentecostals, Mormans, Jehovahs Witnesses, etc.; but, there are only so many hours in a day my friend. Right now I owe a response to a friend who is a former Catholic and now is ‘non-denominational’. My first duty is to him . . .and that is after my other obligations as the father of a family.

  25. TheInformer

    To quote a greater man than I, “well done, good and Faithful servant!”

  26. Ryan

    Hi Steve,
    What brochure did you try to hand them? I’d like to be able to do the same but was wondering what is the best one to provide someone in a situation like this. Who knows…a well written brochure my be the spark that leads them to the truth.

  27. Mark

    Thanks for sharing this. I really appreciate the direct and forthright approach you gave your visitors, especially on the spur of the moment. I am working toward being more prepared than I am currently, and it is obvious you are VERY thorough in doing your homework. I, too, would be interested in what pamphlet you tried to exchange with them. As a slight modification to your approach, I might perhaps request that we agree not just to take each other’s literature, but to actually READ each other’s gift and try to set an appointment to discuss further what we have read. If they are truly as confident in their message as Carolyn Neal expresses in her comment, or if they are at all interested in continuing to grow in the knowledge of the truth (as we all should be), they will gladly take me up on the offer. I would think that people like the Jehovah’s Witnesses would surely follow up on a promise to read my literature if I read theirs because those that I know personally are very morally upright people and wouldn’t think of making a promise which they had no intention of fulfilling.
    As Catholics, we have a teaching authority to which to refer in interpreting the Bible which is holy, logical, consistent and of great antiquity, called Sacred Tradition. It is a huge comfort when confronting challenging passages of Scripture. Many Protestants believe either that the Holy Spirit will directly infuse them with the correct interpretation or (without always consciously doing so) they accept the teaching authority of some other Protestant who has come before them (i.e., they rely on tradition in some way also). As I reflected on your experience, I began to wonder if the JW religion is one of those few that relies heavily on a teaching authority in a manner analogous to our Catholic Magisterium (and, sadly, false). What do you think?

  28. Diane

    Please, Jesus is the Savior. That’s it. Mary doesn’t do anything. She died and is with all other faithful, awaiting the return of Christ for judgement. We are save through faith in Christ as our living, loving, Savior. And our faith comes from the Holy Spirit. There is no Purgatory, indulgences are a tool of the Catholic Church, and only Jesus saves.

  29. David

    Mark, very astute observation about the JW authority being analogous to the Magisterium. This is right on the mark. For all intents and purposes, the JW authority (known within their organization as the “governing body”) is a caricature of the Catholic Churh. Most JW’s just dont know it. They actually apply Matthew 24:45 to the governing body of their organization by claiming that the “faithful and wise servant” (they translate servant as “slave”) is the governing body of their religion. And to take it a step further they claim this in their March 1st, 1981 Watchtower:
    “Beginning with Pentecost, 33 C.E., and continuing through the 19 centuries since then, this slavelike congregation has been feeding its members spiritually.” Watchtower 1981 Mar 1 p.24
    So they are claiming here that their teaching authority has been continuously leading and teaching their members for 2000 years! Think about the audacity of this claim when they don’t have a shred of proof!

  30. Fr. Basil

    \\I imagine it was more likely your attitude.\\
    You should talk, Carolyn Neal. I know that Jehovah’s False Witnesses are taught how to take control of the conversation and steer it in their preferred direction.
    That’s why when they come to my door. **I** take control of the conversation and refuse to let them try to lead it.
    One got very confused and left. The other simply left.
    Glory to Jesus Christ, who is Jehovah God in the flesh!

  31. Bill912

    1) Can you refute Catholic teaching on Mary, Purgatory, and indulgences?
    2) What does anything you posted have to do with JWs?

  32. Frank

    Whenever somebody tells me that they are “non denominational” I tell them that i am “pre-demoninational” i.e catholic. I picked up this great line from a convert to the faiths blog – http://vaughnkohler.com/

  33. tom sheepandgoats

    What do you mean they’re “not allowed?” Who’s going to stop them?
    I’ve taken literature such as you’ve offered before. Generally to end silly stalemates like that described in your post. But since I peruse them, at best, only very briefly, there hardly seems a point.
    At one time I was searching, and when I was searching, I might have readily accepted material from most anyone. But I found something I consider very valuable, my search, if not absolutely ended, is substantially narrowed down, so that there’s hardly a reason to accept literature from those who, after all, weren’t motivated to come to me in the first place, but I to them.
    I won’t leave literature with those who indicate they won’t read it, as if one scores points by placing tracts. Perhaps your visitors felt the same way and you simply attributed motives to them that someone told you they must have.

  34. Carlo de Castro

    Three young women came to our house a few years ago, offering books and magazines for sale. They looked like businessmen with attache cases or bags. I tried to offer them coffee but they declined. I told them I was sorry for them for I think they were being exploited and that it seemed that the ulterior motive of their leaders is money not really salvation. They sheepishly bade bye-bye.
    Another group of women dropped by our house and offered magazines. I showed them my copy of the Bible and told them I’m always exploring the internet about different religious beliefs. I get mote information that way.

  35. Danny Haszard

    Straight up doctrinal facts on Jehovah Witness cult.
    The Jehovah’s Witnesses teach preach that Jesus had his return aka second coming October 1914,then they spin all sorts of doctrinal embellishments on that date with 1918 being their appointment by Jesus as sole heirs of this 1914 Kingdom coming.
    They teach Michael the Archangel is one and same as Jesus.
    Have a deadly dogma prohibiting whole blood transfusion but use cow’s blood calling it *Hemopure*.
    They teach only 144,000 go to heaven,on and on and on with made up man made dogmas……JW are a spin-off of the second adventist and have this in common with the SDA.
    Jehovah’s Witnesses promotion of their Watchtower sect has the net effect of stumbling and turning people off to the real Gospel.
    Jesus said: “Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you travel land and sea to win one proselyte; and when he is won, you make him twice as much a son of hell as yourselves” (Matt 23:15)

    Danny Haszard born 3rd generation Jehovah’s Witness dannyhaszard.com
    *Tell the truth don’t be afraid*

  36. M. Rutledge

    A couple of things…
    A cult is defined as such due to veneration of an object or person. JWs are not a cult. JWs do however, consist of imperfect people that aren’t always the the most graceful socially, but volunteer of their time to do as Jesus did – go from door-to-door.
    As I have never seen evangelical work to be a competition of who can save the most souls under a religious banner, I will say that JWs are the most dedicated in truly spreading the Word of God to
    everyone they meet.
    For a few facts:
    Looking at the scriptures is seems appropriate that Michael the Archangel and Jesus are one and the same. De facto not certifiable fact.
    Old and New Tesament both hold blood as holy to good and true Christians to abstain from blood. Acts of the Apostles 15: 20, 29. This was the governing body of Christianity mandating that restriction. JWs want what’s best for their family, too, just like you. They diligently study and work with the medical community which, now has facilities specializing in bloodless medical procedures, to get the best care without violating the restricted use of blood.
    144000 is taken literally; yet the only religion that can speak to what the Bible says about what those in heaven will be doing are JWs. Paul, Peter and John speak extensively to that fact.
    What JWs learn is that God intended the Earth to be home to a perfect human race. Through Adam this did not happen. Adam, a perfect man, lost perfect life for human kind, another perfect man would need to give his up to atone for what was lost. Based on that sacrifice, JWs and the whole world can approach God in prayer, through his Son, and now have the opportunity at perfect life which was lost. Jesus instructed his followers to preach the Word near and far about God and the king of his kingdom, Jesus, which will right the wrongs inherited by sin and death. That is what JWs do – sacrifice their time so that someone that may not be a knowledgeable as you are regarding the hope for mankind, can get to know their Creator and despite how bad things are now, how the Creator promises to do exactly what he intended in the first place, a perfect human race, without sin, sickness or death.
    Acts of the Apostles 17:10, 11 – be like the Bereans, they listened to the words of Paul and carefully examined the Scriptures to see if what he was saying made sense.

  37. Bill912

    “144000 is taken literally”. Why?
    “…the only religion that can speak to what the Bible says about what those in heaven will be doing are JWs”. Evidence? Specifically, evidence that no other religion “can speak to what the Bible says about what those in heaven will be doing”. And why.
    “…another perfect man would need to give his (life) up to atone for what was lost.” Since Adam’s offense was against God, his offense was infinite. Therefore, no man who was merely a man could atone for that offense. The One Who could atone for that infinite offense would have to be True Man (i.e., one of us), because the offense was committed by man. But He would also have to be True God (and, therefore, infinite) in order to atone for that infinite offense.

  38. Marie

    I started dialoguing with JWs many years ago when a relative joined their organization since Our Lord tells us “In everything do to others as you would have them do to you; for this is the law and the prophets,” (Mt 7:12, see also Lk 6:31). I wanted to know what they actually believed rather than get misinformation from somewhere or my own misinterpretation, as I want them to get information on what my Church believes from the Church and not from her enemies, people who are misinformed, or their own misinterpretation.
    At one point I was having a nice series of chats with a couple of lovely JW ladies (and yes, I took their materials in good faith). The next time we met they brought (who they said was) an elder in their organization, Kenneth. I had gathered together some short materials including from our official teachings in the Catechism of the Catholic Church complete with biblical references, showing that we DO NOT worship Mary or the saints. Not one of the three of them would even give a cursory read to what I showed them. But insisted that Catholics do worship Mary and the saints. Kenneth several times accused my parish priest of giving me the materials and telling me to give it to the JWs, even after I told Kenneth several times that my priest knew nothing of their visits and I had gotten the materials myself!
    Much later in a conversation with my relative, I told her, also, that Catholics do not worship anyone but the One True God. She, too, would not believe me and would not look at anything I offered to her as proof of my claim.
    I could go on with other similar experiences. Not one JW, in all the years I’ve been chating with them and taking the literature they offer me, has taken anything offered to them.
    To be steeped in history is to cease to be Protestant –Cardinal Newman
    So true for this member of the Tiber Swim Team!

  39. Marie

    Just an anecdote to my comment above:
    What I find disturbing to this day is that Kenneth, the JW elder, told me at the time that if the (JW’s) were incorrect in their claim that Catholics worship Mary and the saints, then the Catholic Church would sue them; so the fact that the Church has not sued them is proof (in their eyes) that their claim is correct.
    His assumption makes no sense on many levels and shows a profound lack of understanding of the Catholic Church, a lack of reasoning, and a lack of historical evidence to back up this view. If we sued everyone who made false claims against the Church, we would not have the time nor the money to do all the charitable works we do, as Christ commands us to “love your neighbour as yourself” (Mk 12:31, cf. Mt 7:12, Lk 6:31, etc.). This means we would not have been or be able to:
    — compile the Bible, which the JW bible is based on;
    — found and run hospitals, which also care for JWs who are sick;
    — found and run soup kitchens, which also help feed JWs;
    — found and run homeless shelters, which also help homeless JWs;
    — found and run abused/women’s shelters, which also help JWs in need, including caring for their daughters whom they abandon to the streets because they, in a moment of weakness, got pregnant (all JWs might not do this, but I have spoken to some who have);
    — help at every disaster, bringing relief even to JWs;
    — found the college system, of which JWs benefit;
    — found and run schools, of which many JWs have benefited, (and which keeps the bar raised on secular educational institutions);
    — etc.
    Again, he wouldn’t entertain the idea that he/they even *might* be wrong in their assumption.

  40. wissam

    the same thinh happened to me. i took them to see my 2000 book library, opened the summa of saint thomas aquinas and dared him to explain any passage. as he was unable to understand anything, i told him that all my books speak againt his false doctrine, that they are victim of their ignorance and gave him a book that i wrote on philosophy. he was speechless and went away. God protects his one and only Holy Catholic Apostolic Church.

  41. sal anthony

    I was reading something today that brough me here.
    It was called the truth about Christ. I’m like, “Great, my iodol, lets read on.” About half way through there were so many blasphemous remarks about the virgin birth and the resurrection of our Lord, I was anxious to get the bottom of who this article represents. Finally, I see the word Jehovah and dead sea scrolls, the gospel of Thomas. Always wanting to hear everything written about Christ, I keep an open mind. Being Catholic, the gospel of Thomas made sense. But what I couldn’t figure, was, why they combined this gospel with derogatory teachings contrary to the fundamental beliefs of a Christian?

  42. John cash

    Hi steve i have been waching you for a while on utube i have to say i love hearing you talke i have just found my faith back in the Catholic Church it was not so long ago i was thinking about leaving the church my brother is a bornagain Christian and he all ways talks bad about the Catholic Church i am a traveller or gypsy if you dont know what a traveller is the problem with the traving people is that we aer not verey educated we think that we aer Catholic because we go to mass one every 6 months and we have no education of the Catholic Bible I never knew the difference between bibles until I seen your videos so when i told my brother what o heard he also did not now the difference so like you so many times but knowing our Bible and scripture will help keeping people with the Catholic faith because when somebody comes at knows about the Bible people can get easily persuaded especially when they don’t know a thing about the own Faith or religionso thank you for your videos they help me a lot especially about my faith thank you a d god bless

  43. Gina-Maria

    What’s your take on the many anti-Catholic banter that’s on display on sites like YouTube? You see and hear it all the time ranging in scope from anti-Jesuit rhetoric, alleged biting testimonials from former nuns and clergy claiming all kinds of ill feelings towards Catholics. (Funny, I haven’t heard anyone bad-mouth the Eastern Orthodox Christians, although I’m sure there are some out there, and yet I consider myself from a religious standpoint both Catholic and Orthodox in a way because my Godparents were both Roman Catholic and Greek Orthodox due in most part to my ethnic and spiritual Byzantine roots. My late mother, who was raised early on as a Southern Baptist in Amarillo, TX, and later joined the Episcopal church when she and her mother moved to Atlanta, GA, converted tot he Catholic faith when she married my father. she was lucky in a sense she wasn’t bullied on either side of her family and my dad’s over her conversion. In fact, she was first exposed to Catholicism growing up in Texas, when some of her classmates invited her to go with them to catechism classes a few times after school and the lessons were conducted in Latin. And later on when she attended college to study voice, she sang in a Greek Orthodox church choir and several other places including a Christian Science church. And no, she was by no means tempted to become one of those, but I think from those experiences she had she really appreciated her Catholic faith even more, even though she did spend most of her time singing in a Presbyterian church choir and even encouraged them to adopt some rituals that were used in an original Presbyterian church, including their version of the ‘Confeteor’ and other hymns. At first some of its members balked at the idea, thinking them as too Catholic but between mom and I doing some extensive research on the subject, I think we won the day and some of the others actually liked the concept of such prayers as part of their regular service upon which the minister would then give his version of absolution to the congregation.
    Another thing that gets me is this and I’m sure you’ve noticed it over the years. Awhile back I was doing a mailing for a ‘mega-church’ and they had these collection forms for a missionary group going to Ireland, something I found not only laughable but scary at best. Even the Mormons are getting in on the act of evangelizing a country that has embraced Christianity for over 1,000 years! I consider what they’re doing as counterproductive and a fools’ errand at best! What’s your take on this? More importantly, what’s your take on what these evangelistic scatterbrains and these radical wild schemes of theirs?
    Thanks, ‘Angel’

  44. Bill912

    I once offered a JW a copy of Pillar of Fire, Pillar of Truth. She, of course, declined. I told her that she must believe that her religion is very weak if it cannot stand up to a little competition.

  45. Mrs. Withywindle

    Every time they come, I try to be as kind as possible to them. They are unlikely to see very many friendly faces. If they see a Catholic (as I let them know I am) who knows her faith, knows scripture well, and is genuinely kind and joyful, seeds are planted. I share the reason for my joy, my love of my Catholic faith, and let them know that they are welcome to come back any time.

    STEVE RAY HERE: Perfect! And thanks for sharing that!

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