Unhappily, Delta called and said my flight was canceled to Dallas/Fort Worth Saturday morning. The conference has as speakers Cardinal Pell, Bishop Strickland, Dr. Ralph Martin, Trent Horn, and myself.

So, Annalisa from the conference handled it without missing a beat and I will now be joining the conference virtually. But, I am getting real sick and tired of this “virtual thing” since I like being with people and interacting with them.

So, I will be at the conference in spirit and on the internet. But still, darn!!!

You, like me, can join the conference virtually at https://catholicfamilyconference.com/


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  1. Pamela Presbitero

    I loved the talk you gave virtually but I was at the conference and my friends and I missed seeing you in person. Thank you though for such a great presentation. Hope to see you in person the next time you are here in Dallas.

    STEVE RAY HERE: Pamela, thanks so much for your kind words. I would so much have rather been there with everybody but it doesn’t always work out the way you want it to. I am looking forward to coming back and I hope they invite me next year. Thanks again for your kind words. It’s a new talk so I’m glad that it was well received. Thanks again, and God bless you!!

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