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Jesus asked an unusual question from heaven. “Saul, Saul, why do you persecute Me?” How could Saul persecute Jesus who was safely distanced in heaven?

This question was the seed that grew into the foundation for all of St. Paul’s teaching and theology. Fascinating look at how we are all in Christ and Christ is in us.

Steve also discusses his times visiting the very location of Saul’s conversion in Damascus and how he came down the same wall as St. Paul in a basket.

By the way, do you know why nothing really happened that day?

Enjoy the lively discussion here with Al Kresta.

Steve filmed the life of St. Paul in 6 countries. Each DVD comes with a complete Study Guide.


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  1. Elise Hougesen

    Why Jews Became Catholic by the Jewess convert, Marie Levy. Con-against-version a particular point of view. Saul stoned Christians, and Paul was then stoned by Jews. They did not agree with each other. A conversion is involved. I have developed a pet peeve to the term "in a certain sense…" which usually means that I am contradicting something with soft words.

    STEVE RAY HERE: Thanks for sharing. Appreciated. Did I use the phrase “in a certain sense”?

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