Inheritance Day 3: Another Great Day with the AMU College Students in Galilee – They’re Thriving Here!

One thing is for sure, give young people a chance to understand the beauty of the gospel and to see the land where it took place, and they will thrive! We love watching these young people interacting with these sites, the accounts in the Bible and the time of fellowship and prayer and Mass together.

Today we started at Tabgha which is where Jesus multiplied the loaves and fish to feed almost 20,000 people. We emphasized the fact that this was a real miracle and not just a bunch of selfish people who learned how to share.

I then gave my talk at the next site called the Primacy of Peter, which is also on the shores of Galilee and the place where Jesus cooked breakfast for his disciples — loaves and fish in the morning. He was always feeding people over here. He was a great provider, healer and teacher, which is why crowds always followed him around.

We then saw the 2000 year old ancient “Jesus Boat” before going out on the sea on a real boat. The kids loved it that I had to constrain them from jumping in to swim.

We then ate St. Peters Fish at Pilgerhaus. A new experience for some of them with a big fish dropped on their plate, head and all. Just like the disciples and Jesus ate!

Then we had Mass of Capernaum, where Jesus spoke the words “Eat My Flesh and drink My Blood.“ I gave my popular talk there entitled “Defending the Eucharist.“

Back to Nazareth for a bit of free time again and another delicious meal.