We DID see the dancing sun!

It was a decade ago at a Marian Shrine on a May 13 on the Island of Cebu in the Philippines.

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They told us that on the 13th of every month people could see the sun dance in the sky. It was cloudy that morning. My daughter was very disappointed. So we started to drive back to our house on the island.

Halfway home my young daughter was staring out the window of the car. We asked what she was staring at and she said the sun. She said it was moving around in the sky. At the same time our cell phones rang. It was the other folks in our line of cars leaving the shrine. They yelled for us to stop, saying the sun was dancing.

I’m a skeptic and I don’t always trust even what my own eyes see … so I asked my wife Janet and my daughters, and all the other folks what they saw. They saw exactly what I was seeing — the sun was a pale blue disk in the sky swirling and spinning and dancing. We stared for about ten minutes and it continued to dance.

I am a skeptic, but I am also a believer when I see it along with others and there was no doubt.